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“Scotty” Moore

July 24, 2016


December 27, 1931 – June 28, 2016

Not many can say they altered the DNA of popular culture, or brought something to the senses of people so revolutionary – that the very way we see art, hear music, or perceive reality is altered for all time.  Those accolades are generally reserved for great religious figures, leaders of movements, scientists and philosophers.  Yet when three young men from Memphis hit the stage 17 July 1954, they did just that.  Music would never be heard in quite the same way again.  Elvis Presley on rhythm guitar, Bill Black on drums provided the syncopated sound of a freight train.  The cherry on top was Winfield Scott “Scotty” Moore III’s Gibson ES-295 run through a Ray Butts Echosonic amplifier w/tape echo.  His leads were a sort of post-modern hillbilly jazz.  And if you listen close to his phrasing and timing, you’ll agree he must have been channeling alien intelligence.  Scotty died in Nashville on June 28th.  He was 84.  He was an essential element in the crucibile of American music – yielding pure silver.  Safe travels, Scotty, on your journey home.


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