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even cowboys can get a clue…

June 1, 2014

Seems I always get some kind of inclination when it’s time for me to check something out.  A hunch or intuition.  Clairvoyance?  Regardless, I like cowgirls.  And big hats and boots – on women.  The title to this Tim Robbins book kept getting stuck in my head for some reason.  I’ve never read it.  Then I kept seeing the soundtrack in the thrifts.  And then low and behold – I find this the other day.  Yeah, it’s pretty great.  It’s got Uma Thurman in a fringed chamois jumpsuit and ten gallon hat.  And it’s got all that early nineties zeitgeist going on.  But most importantly, it’s funny, and it’s written from a women’s perspective.  A parody of the female experience in a “man’s world”.  And smart.  It helped me understand women a little better, methinks.  It came along just at the point in my life when I’m really learning to love myself again.  And in turn, well, a change of heart has to start somewhere.  My perception of myself is improving.  And miraculously, my perception and relationships with the ladies, too is at tide.  They never left…they were always right there.  I just took a little vacation.  Love and fear cannot occupy the same vessel.  Hoo hoo, ha ha, hee

Michael Sean Coleman


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  1. Jim DeMao permalink

    I concur. ….nicely written

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