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William Eggleston: Untitled, California desert, c. 1999-2000

November 18, 2013

eggleston cafe

In one of my past lives working for a very large California logistics concern, I traveled a lonely stretch of desert highway five days a week – to a remote and classified rocket test site on Edwards Air Force Base.  I picked up and delivered parcels containing God knows what all.  Deeply interested in Eggleston’s work even then, I’d pass this enigmatic location, and think to myself that this would surely be a place Bill would stop, if ever he were out exploring and shooting on the high Mojave.  I was out there last summer, and the old sign had been removed.  Fortunately Bill made it there first.  I have in my collection a small, dye transfer print of this picture – to me it is priceless.  It is an important link to my photographic mentor, and my desert roots.  A signed edition recently sold at Christie’s auction house for upwards of six figures.  I would love to have been the highest bidder.  Yet somehow, I’m sure Bill would have just told me to save my money, get some more glass for my old D-300.  Or a buy a Leica.


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  1. Thanks, Dan. I removed the uncooperative link. Glad to have your readership…

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